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Wellness Services

 Wellness services are complementary health services and not a treatment for a medical diagnosis. An initial assessment is completed to determine candidacy.

Body Contour 

Discover the power of body contouring! Our non invasive treatments use methods of cryolipolysis (cryotherapy- controlled   cooling to gently target fat cells, giving you body contouring and cellulite reduction improvement) or traditional ultrasound cavitation. Treatment areas: stomach, arms, legs, back, chin. . Recommendation is typically  5 sessions for best results, may vary per person.



$60 a session 

non-invasive procedure designed to sculpt and lift the buttocks, offering a natural way to achieve a fuller and more contoured appearance. 


Tighten & Reduce

$100 a session

Skin Tightening:  non-surgical skin tightening procedures to address sagging skin.


Cellulite Reduction:  non-surgical methods to to diminish the appearance of cellulite, helping clients achieve smoother, firmer skin.



$100 a session

Comprehensive Options: Whether you're looking to contour and tighten your abdomen,  thighs, arms etc., we offer a wide range of services to target various areas and meet your individual needs.

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