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Lab Services

Add lab services to any office or  book as a lab only visit. Prices are quoted without use of insurance. If using insurance a $20 draw fee will apply addition $5 if vital signs needed for wellness labs without office visit.

Well Woman/ Well Man $125 

Each test Individual $20

CBC -blood levels and risks for anemia, infection

CMP-kidney status and electrolytes

 A1C- diabetes status/ risk factors

 Thyroid panel- thyroid function /risk factors

Lipid Panel- cholesterol levels

Vit D-  vitamin D levels

PSA *(men only ages 40 above) -prostate risks

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Additional Tests: 

Vit B12 & Folate levels

 Pregnancy test (Rapid) $10 

Pregnancy test blood

Infection Screens

TB (QuantiFERON) $

H.Pylori $15

ova & parasite (stool, urine) $12

stool culture (bacteria) $20

urine culture (UTI)

Lyme infection screening $20

Mono $12

Respiratory culture  $10

Sexually Transmitted Infection $125

*Fee inclusive of assessment and needed prescription

gonorrhea and chlamydia


HIV *screening test


Additional Tests: 

*Female- bv/yeast $108

trichomonas $45

Herpes type 1&2 $45

HIV 1/2 (confirmation test) $75

additional gonorrhea and chlamydia tests (oral, rectal) $20 each site

Hepatis C $15

Drug Screens

Rapid drug screen $30


Tiny Clinic is a collection site for Employment Screens and Pre-Hire Physical assessments. Corporate rates available for employment drug screens, D.O.T. screens; and hair drug testing. Send message through 'contact us' for discussion.

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